Helping You Become Authentic, Confident & Joyful

One to One and Group Leadership Coaching

Leading doesn’t have to be like this:

Exhausted from relentless pressures to perform

 Frustrated with counterproductive relationships

Hesitant about your abilities to make immediate impact

The sense of urgency never ends. Everything feels like a priority

Confidently overcome challenges without compromising your Core Values

Restore Your Leadership Journey



Core Values are undeniable truths that reflect how you make sense of the world. They are your greatest asset helping you lead with authenticity, confidence and joy. If you don't lead with your Core Values, then you likely aren’t leading authentically.

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Without identifying the Core, you’re leading as if all values are equally meaningful. You know this just isn’t true. Your Core Values are the "yes" that give exclusive guidelines, to say "no" to all other things that distract you from leading authentically, confidently and joyfully. Harnessing the power of your Core Values is essential to do meaningful work and lead meaningful relationships.


Every conversation in every relationship is an opportunity to practice being the leader you’ve always desired to become. Using your Core Values in daily conversations will increase your confidence as a leader. 


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As a result, your followers will experience you authentically and experience your joy in leading.  Everyone wants healthier, more joyful relationships with their leaders.  Model the way for others. That’s why they need you.


Rest is the most important discipline when it comes to protecting your Core Values.

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The overflow of rest is a natural use of your Core Values in every decision you make, in every relationship you are given. Protecting your Core Values is mindfully reinvesting in the recovery of your mind, body and soul.

One to One Coaching

Group Coaching

Leaders Like You

Darren is an amazing listener. The coaching process is a safe place to throw all your concerns and worries, coming out on the other side with a clear blueprint!

Jessica Chin

Brand Strategist

I feel more confident, and ultimately better understand my worth and value as a marketing professional and leader. 

Brianna Showell

VP of Marketing, Nike Swim at Perry Ellis International

He didn’t just give me answers to solve my problems. Darren coached me in a process toward finding answers only I could provide. I felt like I was on a guided journey with a trusted partner.

Sam Dyer

Sr. Pastor , River of Life Church

The solution was in knowing my authentic self by finding my Core Values. I can make better decisions and guide myself in the direction that aligns best with my values.

Yashpreet Kaur Singh

Project Manager & Business Analyst

Coaching helped me generate new ideas, leaning on my existing talents and organisational knowledge. Boom! I delivered results with my team quickly without losing my mind.

Kirk Polo

CFO and VP of Shared Services, Crossworld

Core Values are the golden line to follow to discover my own solutions.

Xuan Chen

Sr. Manager, PWC

The 3-part approach to growing as a leader

01: Redeeming your Core Values 

Know who you are by uncovering and articulating your Core Values. These are the undeniable truths in your life that help you make sense of yourself and the world.

02: Acquire
key skills

Identify the skills you need to develop personally so that you can lead confidently and effectively in your unique spheres of leadership influence.

03: Practice, practice, practice

With your coach, you’ll outline when you’ll practice your skills and who will provide observations and feedback.

The Core Values Guidebook

Learn to lead with authentic confidence and joy

  • Navigate complicated decisions with confidence
  • Understand what’s most important to you
  • Gain insight for leading better at work, home and in the community

Learn why your values are not made equal