About The Restored Leader

Our Core Values

We are a global network of professional coaches passionate about helping leaders become more authentic, confident and joyful. Each leadership coach at THE RESTORED LEADER has over 20 years of building organisations and coaching leaders around the world. Like you, we have unique journeys of becoming authentic leaders.
Coaching is a creative, thought-provoking process designed for clients to generate greater awareness that triggers sensible action. Our approach to coaching is grounded in our belief that your Core Values are your greatest asset in becoming successful at work, home and in the community.


Every conversation is an opportunity for new self awareness.


Every conversation is an opportunity to speak truth in our lives.


Every conversation is a gift; an opportunity for compassion & gratitude.

Just Like You

We have been overwhelmed with the everyday challenges of leading organisations.  We’ve been frustrated by the constant flow of the external pressures to perform and internal pressures that leave us exhausted. When left unchecked, these pressures eroded our ability to lead well.
We have experienced our own personal leadership deficits. We have felt the absence of joy in leading people.  We have experienced how a foggy vision leaves us and our followers lost. We have looked to a multitude of development courses, personal assessments, and mentoring relationships. While all of these are good, nothing has forged a foundation from which we can confidently lead with authenticity and see lasting results.
Darren J. Ho, PCC
Founder and Executive Coach

Darren has over 20 years of global business experience with leadership assignments in the US, and as an expatriate in Asia and Europe. He has over 500 hours of experience coaching leaders with influential roles in non-profits, pharmaceutical, athletic retail, energy, oil & gas, private education institutions, food & beverage, technology, travel & leisure and professional service firms.

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His first leadership assignment was being an older brother. Then at 17, he was elected high school student body president. He won because nobody ran against him! The opportunity gave him valuable lessons about how to influence others. Leadership is not a position you earn or choose, but a calling to serve others.

Darren, his wife and three children reside in the U.S state of Indiana. Whenever possible, they enjoy the opportunity to travel as a family and become better global citizens. Darren often dreams about one day competing in the Absa Cape Epic mountain bike race.

He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business, emphasis in Management Consulting from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. He received his Executive and Organisational Coach education from the International Executive Coaching and Leadership and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coach Federation. He is also currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Meet the Team

Dale Connelly
Director of Client Experience

Dale’s focus is learning about our clients, and what they need to succeed in leadership and life. He does this by listening with empathy through a genuine openness to learning. This helps inform Dale in the design process for every TRL service. Dale has 10 years of marketing experience serving various industries in the UK and Europe with projects reaching North America, Australia and Asia. Dale knows that a brand matters most when it’s committed to helping people become who they were created to be.

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Dale has always been practising the art of communicating and listening, ever since childhood – this hasn’t always come easy to him. Thousands of conversations have taught him that bringing attention to the here and now is critical to helping others build a life well-lived.

Dale, his wife and two children reside in Colchester, a town in the United Kingdom. Regularly they go to enjoy being in nature at the many forests and coastlines that surround them. Wherever Dale is in the world, he always looks out for a good view and water to swim in.

He received his narrative marketing education from StoryBrand and has been a Certified Guide of four years. He is currently pursuing a Diploma of Higher Education from Anglia Ruskin University in specialist clinical counselling.

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