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TRL FOUNDATIONS is a 7-Session
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An Open Letter from TRL’s Founder


Our generation is no stranger to global uncertainty. And when we face this uncertainty as natural disaster strikes, sickness spreads, economies suffer and people struggle to survive.  There is a void of durable, resilient hope for humanity.

Organisations crumble at an alarming rate. And in today’s uncertainty brought on by a global pandemic, poor leadership decisions are amplified.

The world needs better way. They need leaders like you right now, who have hope in the face of uncertainty.  

Leadership is a calling for anyone who chooses to answer. Not all leaders stand on a stage or lead a board room. No matter where they are, leaders re-establish truth, inspire hope and model the way. As a spouse, parent, sibling, friend or colleague, successful leadership is pointing people to their best self and moving towards a better humanity together. But to lead others well, you must first lead yourself well.   

Leadership begins with you.  Let’s start working on the inside.

Darren J. Ho     
Founder and Leadership Coach
The Restored Leader

The Five Assets that will
Improve your Leadership


You will experience a guided journey designed to promote growing together with your friends.  FOUNDATIONS is guided by expert facilitators in a blended learning process that gets everyone involved in meaningful discussion and personal reflection.  To support and accelerate growth, everyone will receive One to One coaching. 

Three Group Coaching Sessions, Listening and Sharing guided by an expert facilitator

Three Self Study Sessions, using the TRL Foundations Interactive Workbook

Two 1:1 Coaching conversations with a certified and credentialed International Coach Federation coach

One day of preparing and practising rest 

Craft your FOUNDATIONS in 7-Sessions


A leadership journey with friends, time for self-reflection, and gaining new awareness with an expert leadership coach. Here is a birds-eye view of the experience. 


Look Inside The Workbook

01: Invite

Ask up to 5 friends to join the journey.

02: Reserve

Identify the best Monday for everyone to begin.

03: Experience

Immediate shared learning and growth.

Invest in becoming the leader you would follow

Individual Journey

One to One


Group Journey

Up to Five Friends


More than five friends? Email