FOUNDATIONS: A Group Leadership Coaching Experience

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Lead Authentically: Discover your unique leadership style

Lead Confidently: Face every leadership challenge with courage

Lead Joyfully: Embrace every aspect of what it means to lead

Growing in your leadership can be challenging

You may be longing to lead with clarity and authenticity, but it feels like you can’t quite get there. And it makes sense – there is so much vying for your attention. But if you want to be a leader who makes a lasting difference, you cannot continue through life without direction. To be a great leader, you must grow with intention.

FOUNDATIONS is a 5-session, group coaching experience designed to accelerate growth through the support of the group.

Using a blended learning process with live classes and self-study focused on Core Values, FOUNDATIONS promotes meaningful discussion and personal reflection to accelerate growth.

Imagine being part of a group committed to growing together, keeping each other accountable and making a positive impact on those around you.


During our 5-session journey, we’ll dive into these five FOUNDATIONS to your leadership

Core Values

Know your personal Core Values – the unalienable truths that inform everything you do


Understand how you are fundamentally motivated

Core Skills
of Leader

Explore the skills you need to develop in order to grow as a leader

Core Leadership Beliefs

Discern what you believe about leadership and how that informs your leadership


Identify who you want to be invested in your leadership journey

Your FOUNDATIONS in 5-Sessions


Coaching is most effective when you commit to journeying together. You each make this commitment a priority for the duration of the experience.

Guided by an expert leadership coach in these 5 sessions, you’ll

• Enjoy a leadership journey with your group
• Have planned time for self-reflection
• Gain new awareness


Online Cohort – 90 min


Online Cohort  – 90 min


Online Cohort – 60 min


Online Cohort  – 60 min


Cohort Team Only – 60 Min

Who is FOUNDATIONS for? 

When considering group coaching, you will want to evaluate: 

• Who do I want to become vulnerable with in my leadership journey?
• Who would benefit from this experience – specifically done with me and the rest of the group?
• Who might not be open to experiencing a leadership coaching season outside of a group 

 Where do you find your group? 

• Mastermind groups
• Small groups
• Your department
• Your business
• Your leadership team

You don’t have to be the senior leader to grow in leadership

Many people think leadership can only be developed in those who carry the title of “leader.” At The Restored Leader, we are passionate about helping everyone grow in their leadership in their relationship spheres at work, at home and in the community.

Look Inside The Workbook

Craft Your Leadership

Download a complimentary sample of the FOUNDATIONS workbook and see how we’ll journey together as you


  • Lead Authentically
  • Lead Confidently
  • Lead Joyfully

Assemble your group

FOUNDATIONS group coaching is designed for leaders who are committed to growing together and share these convictions: 

Core Values

“We share a desire to lead intentionally”


“We share a desire for becoming better leaders”


“We share a desire to encourage each other in our leadership journeys” 


FOUNDATIONS is guided by expert facilitators in a learning process that includes both meaningful group discussion and personal study time.

To support and accelerate growth, everyone will receive individual time in One-to-One coaching with your facilitator.

01: Schedule 

Schedule a call to learn more about FOUNDATIONS.

02: Invite 

Ask up to 5 other leaders to join the journey.

03: Experience

Experience shared learning and growth for you and your team.

Invest in becoming the leader you would follow


Small Group Journey

Groups of 2 – 5

More than five friends? Email

The FOUNDATIONS Experience

Before FOUNDATIONS I did not consider leadership as a strength. After the experience, I am finding more joy and confidence in my unique leadership approach.  

David McAuley

Ministry Leader, ICF Frankfurt

After experiencing FOUNDATIONS, I’m able to see my work and my leadership as more integrated parts of me and I’m embracing that I’m the same person in work life and home life. I’m more consciously inviting the Lord into my day and into my work. 

Katie Lantukh

Founder, Murphy Marketing

We gained a better understanding of how to lead from our own core values and live them out.  As individuals, within our family and our ministry team.

Rachel and Mike Sawka

Asia Sphere Leaders, Catch the Fire

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