Realise Your Leadership Possibilities

We are a global network of professional coaches passionate about helping leaders become more authentic, confident and joyful.  Each leadership coach at THE RESTORED LEADER has over 20 years of building organisations and coaching leaders around the world.

Like you, we have unique journeys of becoming authentic leaders. Now, we want to help you with your journey.

The Experience.

One to One Coaching conversations are a creative, thought-provoking process designed for you to generate new awareness that triggers sensible action.

New awareness comes from a partnership between you and your coach.  You’ll share a series of meaningful conversations that allow you to freely share,  think creatively and experience deep listening.   Your coach will live TRL’s Core Values in every conversation.  Every conversation has significance.  You need compassion and honest feedback.

Every conversation is a partnership designed to serve you.

Your Unique Journey.

Your coaching sessions are paced in intervals that best support your growth goals.  Our approach to coaching draws from your personal life story.

Your Story.  Identify your desired outcomes and take note of challenges. Unpack your interests, passions and values.  Revisit your experiences in leadership.  Who do you want to become?

Your Foundations. Your Core Values.  Identify them. Practice them in your context.  Protect them by designing unique rhythms of rest.   Discover how your Core Values help you become more authentic and confident in your leadership.

Your Context.  See your situation from multiple viewpoints.  Use your Core Values to reframe relationships and challenges. Overcoming distractions and obstacles in ways that reflect your authentic leadership approach.

Your Successes.  Celebrate every possible victory along your journey together.

Ready for You Anytime.

Clients can schedule 30-minute “Spot Coaching” sessions anytime.  Designed for clients to get extra support for real-time challenges, or to share some pressing needs in their journey.

Foundational Resources. 

With your coaching experience, you’ll also receive printed copies of the TRL Guidebook Collection: Getting to the Core Values Guidebook, Practising your Core Values Guidebook, Protecting your Core Values Guidebook. 

Access to the TRL Library of leadership references.

Just like you

We have been overwhelmed with the everyday challenges of leading organisations.  We’ve been frustrated by the constant flow of the external pressures to perform and internal pressures that leave us exhausted. All when left unchecked, have eroded our ability to lead well.

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We have experienced our own personal leadership deficits. We have felt the absence of joy in leading people.  We have experienced how a foggy vision leaves us and our followers lost. We have looked to a multitude of development courses, personal assessments, and mentoring relationships. While all of these are good, nothing has forged a foundation from which we can confidently lead with authenticity and see lasting results. 

See yourself in new ways

At THE RESTORED LEADER, we envision a future where every leader harnesses the power of their Core Values to thrive in their roles.

Whether you are in your first leadership assignment or have decades of experience, we can help you lead with more authentic confidence and joy.  By harnessing the power of your Core Values and making them your greatest asset, you will become a leader that has a character others want to follow.


Complimentary Guidebook

Lead Authentically. Live confidently. Serve joyfully.

  • Why your values are not equal.
  • How to identify your Core Values by assessing your interests and passions.
  • How your Core Values can help you navigate daily decisions.