Restoring your leadership is an intentional journey

You are the common denominator between your home, work and community. The RESTORED LEADER (TRL) is a leadership development company focused on helping you redeem your Core Values so you can restore all aspects of your leadership.

TRL clients desire to grow as individuals to become better leaders for themselves and those they serve at work, home and in their communities.  

We help leaders stop feeling like they’re living a life of contractions, frustrated and overwhelmed with the pressures on them. We help leaders become authentic, confident and joyful in every role they play.




I was feeling lost, not having a good sense of self. Coaching gave me more confidence in presenting my authentic self.

Nyasha Muvirimi

Founder and Managing Director

Each day something new vies for my attention, my time, my energy. Coaching helped me establish what is important, the building blocks for how I will lead others.

Sam Dyer

Sr. Pastor, River of Life Church

I felt like the car was running but not going anywhere. Coaching gave me a safe space to explore my thinking, push it forward and articulate it.

Diana Ng

Head of Character Education and Instructional Coach

It’s impossible to lead well when you’re alone

Everything feels reactionary

You’re constantly worried

You feel unable to be present

      You long for more leadership training

      You feel scattered

      Great leadership starts with you.

      Our leadership coaching is different than anything else you’ll find. Here’s why.

      Deeper awareness

      We believe that greater awareness is key to authentic growth. A primary way to gain more awareness is to learn more about your core through trusted coaching conversations. During our calls, your TRL coach will invite you into a collaborative dialogue that will ignite rediscovery and clarity to help your future actions as a leader. We’ll follow a custom curriculum designed to help you reach your specific goals in leadership.


      In addition to our coaching sessions, we act as advisors during our unlimited 30-minute advisory sessions. These sessions are designed to empower you with wisdom to navigate challenges as they arise. We can give you the encouragement and references to resources that you need for particular situations.


      At TRL, we live our Core Value of grace through intentional, honest, and grace-giving conversations with our clients. Your TRL coach is trained to guide you in conversation that invites vulnerability, redeems failure, sees opportunities and imagines new ways forward. Your TRL coach will share grace-filled and honest observations, void of judgment.

      Credentialed Coaches

      TRL coaches earned rigorous, internationally-recognized certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF). This certification enables them to work with a variety of clients as they’ve demonstrated their coaching expertise to mentors and through knowledge-based assessments.

      Uniquely designed for a uniquely positioned leader

      The TRL Approach is designed specifically for you. During our initial conversations, you will be asked to share with your TRL coach what you’re experiencing in the different spheres of your leadership. Once we’ve identified the baseline, together, we’ll design a framework that will help you develop new skills and gain new awareness to grow in your leadership journey.

      You will be ready to lead like no one else in the world.