WiSdom Series on Rest

Commences Sept 4th, 2021

A Seven Part Journey On The Art Of REST For Restored Leaders

What If You Could Stop.

With relentless pressures to perform. A culture that demands your attention, and tasks which take priority. Committing time to stop seems impossible.

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Rest = Invitation + Location + Dedication

Join a group committed to living their Core Values

Time to reflect on shifts in your thinking and new awareness

Learn new insights to support your leadership development

Seven Wisdom Filled Conversations On REST

01: What is REST to you?
Understand an ancient language for defining the act of resting

02: What are the inputs to REST well?
Learn the inputs for ceasing with intention

03: Explore the power of the invitation
Invite yourself to pause and enter REST

04: Explore the power of settings
Find locations that promote REST

05: Explore the power of dedication
Discover disciplines like Examen, Daily Office

06: Explore impact of REST on your Core Values
What good things do you need to start saying “no” to

07: Lead a community of REST
How work affects your home, work and community relationships

Every session you’ll have meaningful conversations focused on these topics.


Fall: Sept 24th – Nov. 27th

Regions and Times:

Europe: 0900 BST

Americas: 0900 EST

Asia: 0900 CST

Leader Registration

Cost: $300

Registation Includes: 

Seven facilitated opportunities for wisdom on REST. 

Meaningful conversations with a private network of leaders living their Core Values. Lean in, on, or out as its right for you. 

A Journal to help you reflect on new awareness and action from being part of the conversation. 

Plus access to: 

  • Community Giving (You will decided where the TRL Fund goes)
  • A thoughtfully-crafted Restoration Box designed to help you on your journey
  • On-demand compositions of music specifically designed for REST
  • Permission to facilitate what you’ve experienced, with a group of up to five in your city


Region Time and Preference
For six Wisdom Weekends between September 1, 2021- November 1, 2021
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Meet Your Europe Leader

Dale Connelly

Director of Client Experience for The Restored Leader

Meet Your North American Leader

Darren J. Ho

Founder and Leadership Coach for The Restored Leader

The Global Wisdom

Sharing Community

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